January 30, 2015


What exactly does Micro Business Mentors do?

We’re a Utah-based non-profit organization that helps entrepreneurs take their big ideas and make them a reality. We do this through one-on-one mentoring sessions on a weekly basis. Our goal is to help all participants become more financially sustainable and independent.

Is it actually free?

Yes! We’re passionate about helping the community and building our business skills. As a student-run organization, we get our funding from grants and donations.

How can I sign-up for classes?

Interested individuals can sign up here.

What makes you different from other groups that do small business consulting or what is your unique value proposition? 

We are personal trainers for small businesses.  As business students we have a strong background in business fundamentals, but our real “bread and butter” is our enthusiasm for new business ideas and helping potential business owners become successful. If you’ve had an idea for a long time and neglected try it, our excitement and drive are the perfect match for you and your idea!

Will I make over a million dollars in the seven weeks?

Only if you you enter MBM with a million dollars in your bank account!

How do I quality for a micro loan?

Loan candidates must complete the seven week course, create a loan proposal, and be reviewed by the loan committee.

Do you have to be a Utah resident?

No, you just have to be in the area for seven weeks so that you can finish the program!


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