MicroBusiness Mentors announces Family Finance Class in Provo

PROVO, Utah (Jan 1, 2015) – The Provo community will receive personal and family finance training and support provided by MicroBusiness Mentors.

Beginning Jan 13, 2015, and with the support of Mountainland Head Start Inc., MicroBusiness  will start its third series of family finance classes at Mountainland Head Start (MHS) school located in Provo.

“We are so excited to have our finances classes back in motion, and we know that there are families who are eager to come to learn principles of finances,” said Kate Herrod, president of MBM. “We want to help these families understand basic finance principles that will help them better manage their own personal and family finances.“

MBM started teaching finance literacy classes in October 2013, and later on it signed a partnership with MHS to provide its services on a regular basis. MBM has taught in MHS’s schools located in Provo and Pleasant Grove.

“The Financial Classes helped us a lot! I liked them, and I learned so much,” said Seyla Ramirez, a parent who attended the finance class in Provo. “All of the information that the teachers shared was very good. We have been able to start using many of the principles that were taught, and we now have a savings account that we are able to use.”

The finance classes not only help parents whose children go to MHS schools, but it also benefits MHS employees who willingly attend the classes.

“I think it was a great class, and the information shared was extremely helpful,” said Andrea Tauteoli, family advocate at MHS. “Whenever I had questions, I could send an email and the teacher would respond in a very timely manner. They also supplied the necessary tools so that I could make the changes that were necessary in order to change my financial situation.”

MBM has been providing financial literacy services for families and microbusiness mentoring and training in Utah County for more than 10 years. Visit www.microbusinessmentors.org to learn more about the services offered by MBM.

About MicroBusiness Mentors

MBM is a nonprofit organization located in Orem, Utah, that provides sustainable assistance to low-income families in Utah through microcredit, microbusiness training, and finance literacy classes.

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