February 25, 2016

Our story


MicroBusiness Mentors (MBM) was founded in 2002 by a group of students at Brigham Young University. These social entrepreneurs were committed to changing the world, and dove into the world of microcredit. They set out with the goal to provide sustainable assistance to the Hispanic community in Utah Valley. Since their beginning, they are now an independent (from BYU) nonprofit group that continues to mentor clients of any race, gender, or ethnicity, starting micro enterprises to support themselves, their family and their community in Utah Valley.


Our mission is to prepare and develop the next generation of entrepreneurs that will positively impact individuals, families and communities in Utah.  We empower our clients to create sustainable businesses based on principle of self-reliance, integrity, and accountability.


Our development strategy was based on research that showed a need for small business training and financial services among the low-income Hispanic community in Provo and surrounding areas.  Our strategy is to teach clients correct business principle, provide guidance and encouragement, and help them develop & manage their own business.  We truly provide a hand up not a hand out.

From the beginning, MBM experienced great success, providing quality training, mentoring, and funding to qualified microenterprises.  Program participants have started or expanded successful business ventures in diverse areas.


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